Taste Buchanan event!

It’s not often that you can say that you’ve visited Buchanan Galleries & have enjoyed amazing food! On the top floor, the food court has always consisted of a Burger King & a sometimes open, sometimes closed Chinese restaurant…
But not anymore! Taste Buchanan hosted by Street Dots have created an amazing street food festival in the long neglected food court of Buchanan Galleries!
I was so excited to see what the buzz was about & to see if you really could hold a street food event in Buchanan Galleries!?!
Well, to answer that question… Yes you can. The food and drink was amazing & there was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. First of all, Wedding Bar Scot delivered on some amazing Edinburgh Gin cocktails. The Caledonian with raspberry & cream soda is definitely going to be on my list for cocktail recipes to try at home!
Before arriving to the event, naturally, I snooped on all the vendors social media sites (duh). I was most excited to try Surf Dogs Glasgow because I had seen a picture of the Nacho hot dog & my goodness… It did not disappoint.

Yes, you are reading this correctly… Nachos on a hot dog, dripping in salsa with spicy mayo. It tasted just as good as it looked!
So for pizza lovers, Nomad Wood Fired Pizza had a whole lotta pizza & a whole lotta choices! My friend & I decided to split the tender stem broccoli, haloumi & sun dried tomato pizza with a drizzle of chilli oil. Perfect!

But my favourite of the ‘main courses’ had to be Chompsky. I wasn’t sure what to expect but hoisin peanut pulled pork, pickled apple, crushed peanuts & red onion sounded like a dream. And as you can see from the pictures below, I enjoyed it intensely!

The only thing I would criticise would be the halloumi panini  from the Buffalo Farm. I often enjoy a vegetarian alternative, but found this somewhat underwhelming. Never thought I would say this… But too much halloumi! More veg or a salsa would have balanced this better, it was verging on cheese sandwich. 

Nevertheless, I still ate most of it! Think I’ll be opting for a meatier sandwich next time I come by a restaurant with Buffalo in the name!
Some seriously amazing food! But lets not forget the sweet things! Equis & Designer Cakes By Paige made this a tasty end to a tasty night! 

These are a selection of my favourite vendors of the evening, I have enjoyed the food, the music, the drinks & the atmosphere. But the best part of the night is supporting local businesses that work hard to make it in to the mainstream & I applaud Street Dots for holding this night to give small businesses the opportunity to break into popular retail environments.
But the best part… I got to take home cupcakes!
Taste Buchanan is holding events over this weekend. 19th-21st of August. Really considering a trip back for that pulled pork masterpiece from Chompsky!
Happy eating & let me know what you think of the new food court!
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