Channelling my inner Barry Gibb for the weekend.

First of all, I think we all need to stop for a second & appreciate how much of a style icon Barry Gibb is…

Never in my life did I think I would draw style inspiration from a Bee Gee but the man knew how to dress. 
I’ve always been super interested in vintage fashion but the 70s has never been a period that has stood out to me until recently. I’ve always had a fascination with the 50s & 60s but I’m becoming more & more intrigued by 70s fashion. 
Cher is the OBVIOUS lady that comes to mind when I think 70s. 
A younger Cher during the Sonny & Cher era with multicoloured flares & maaaaassive hoops.
I have been really interested in the musician Whinnie Williams after discovering her instagram page last year. Not only is she super talented but this gorgeous lady knows how to put an outfit together! I really love her modern take on 70s style & I am incredibly jealous of her perfect hair!

Not only is her dress sense on point, she has a 70s styled retro house that has its own account because it’s that damn fabulous. (instagram: poodleandblonde)
So anyway… I decided to channel my inner 70s babe into my outfit at the weekend.

Brushed out curls & rollers were used for my wavy hair. 
American Apparel white halter bodysuit
Black velvet flares from H&M (£5 in the sale… cash back)
Black leather & elastic waist belt from a charity shop.

The coat was £8 from an ebay shop. (this sells for £30-£40 on depop!!! It really pays to shop around!)
I wore this outfit for my little (but much taller than me!) cousins birthday. It was so comfy & was put together with clothes I’ve had for a while. 
Let me know what you think of the 70s style!!!
Here’s another picture of the man, the myth, the masculine chest hair for me to end this post with.

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