ABode Hotel: dinner review!

So, Saturday night was date night & as usual, I couldn’t decide where I wanted to eat… The decision is never easy for me, Glasgow has a multitude of restaurants to pick from & I am never quite sure what I want. So we decided to go to a bar, have a drink & contemplate what we were hungry for.
However, walking past a sign that states “Steak, lobster & a bottle of prosecco for two: £45” made that decision a whole lot easier. There was a bit of confusion initially as the sign indicated that the offer was over on the 31st of July… This is nearly the end of August… I hope I get my steak & lobster! Thankfully this offer is still continuing & yes, I got my steak & lobster!

I had never heard of ABode Hotel & if we hadn’t been going to the Butterfly & Pig on Bath Street, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it! But upon arriving, I instantly fell in love with the decor. I am a sucker for anything old & the mechanical elevator caught my eye.
This was a really luxurious setting for an evening meal & even the radiators were painted gold… I mean c’mon. The only thing that could make it more fabulous is lion printed wallpaper… Oh wait.
And because we were both hungry bugs we opted for some bread & olives to start. The bread arrived nicely warmed & the olives went down a treat.
Our highly anticipated bottle of prosecco arrived too. We later discovered that this sells for £36 a bottle, so this made the meal feel like even more of a bargain!

So after a few ciders & a glass of prosecco, the main event had finally arrived!
Half a lobster, steak (rare as you like), peppercorn sauce & skinny fries. 
I’m no stranger to seafood or steak & had been excited about eating this as soon as I had passed the sign… The wait was worth it. The lobster had been seasoned perfectly & I was happy that the steak was rare. For £45 (starter & drinks before for extra of course!) this was a delight! 
I’m used to expecting to pay something similar for dinner & drinks in a bar setting so this felt like a treat without the expensive price tag!
I really enjoyed the luxurious setting & hope to stay there one day!
Hello, room service? Lobster, steak & prosecco to the room please thanks!
Overall I would rate the quality of food: 8/10
Atmosphere 7/10
Value 9/10
& would I visit again? Definitely!
Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have found any hidden gems in Glasgow/Edinburgh!

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