If hard liquor & light cider had a baby… A review of Blind Pig Cider!

As a cider lover, I was very excited to try Blind Pig cider when I mistakenly came across it at the Howlin’ Wolf in Glasgow. The first thing I noticed was the packaging! These bottles are great to look at. Heineken based the marketing & look of the brand on American 1920’s Speakeasys. If you order this beverage in a bar it comes wrapped in a printed brown paper wrapper… It’s like Christmas, the more presents you get to unwrap the better… & the same can be said about the cider!
I’m a big fan of fruity & flavoured ciders with the old favourites being my usual choice of drink in bars but the selection often doesn’t vary from the ordinary so I feel that Blind Pig ciders are definitely filling a gap in the market & I’m very pleased to say so!
There are three spirit flavoured fruity concoctions & a little ramble about each.
So… in third place, we have the whiskey honey apple flavour. I am not a big whiskey drinker at the best of times & felt that the spirit flavour was a little too strong for my liking. The taste of the crisp apple cider seeping through does make this a hell of a lot easier to drink than whiskey & definitely tastier too! The website suggests filling the glass with slices of apple & orange with a drizzle of honey… I definitely think that this would combat the strong whiskey taste & I will definitely try it!
And the runner up is rum & poached pear! The sweet pear notes combined with rich dark rum flavour make this a very enjoyable drink. This is far from your run of the mill pear cider, the flavours are like a cuddle & I will most likely be having a few of these snugged up on a winters day!
Your winner is… Bourbon & blueberry! This was the first of the three flavours I tried & I was so impressed that I had to try all three. This is an unusual combination & it wouldn’t normally work but the creatives at Blind Pig have struck gold with this flavour balance. It is easy to drink & leaves a lingering taste of blueberries & a hint of bourbon. I could easily drink a couple or ten of these on a night out without wanting to switch to another drink. It really is a unique taste & one that I definitely intend to buy again & regularly!
It’s not often I see unusual ciders that I haven’t tried & Blind Pig definitely delivered. All three have a sweetness & a certain depth to the flavours which is really enjoyable. They have made a really original stand out product that stuck in my mind ever since I tried it!
I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know if there are any weird & wonderful ciders out there I should be trying!

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