To the gin! Gin Festival comes to Edinburgh!

For the love of gin & tonic! I visited Gin Festival at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange last week. The event showcased different bars, gin stalls, live acts, street food & you guessed it, loads of gin!
To begin we were given the famous gin festival glasses & a guide detailing the many types of gin on offer at the festival. Note, this is a guide… Not a challenge! The arena was set up with four different types of bars: A & B showcased British gins, C served up some International gins, D was the wildcard with all the sloe & flavoured gins & E was Scotlands very own gins!
So, my thinking was… I’ve tried a lot of gins my life. I’ll choose the few that I haven’t tried before. Well, everyday’s a school day & the event hosted over 100 different types of gin so I was completely stuck with which gins to try!
First of all, I decided to go strong with the navy strength Cannonball gin. Cannonball is from Edinburgh Gin & I tried it neat to begin with. Good heavens it was strong but the bartenders were there to help you choose a garnish & pair it with a suitable tonic water or mixer. The bartenders were great at recommending gins & making sure you picked a gin to your taste. 
Jordan tried the Portuguese Nordes Gin with a mint garnish & Mediterranean tonic water to compliment the flavours.

Now, let’s talk about the pink gin in the floral, muscular torso & the ‘Boozy Berries from Pinkster Gin! Okay, I’m a sucker for packaging & pretty displays but it’s hard not to be seduced by a big pink flowery chest?? This gin is infused with raspberries & has a much more powerful taste than you would expect from such a cute bottle. The jars of boozy berries are also meant to be excellent in prosecco!

There were multiple stands from gin suppliers so it was great to get involved & ask questions about the gin from the people who know best! 
At the Gin Festival there is plenty to see & more goodies available than you could fit in the taxi home! I didn’t know that gin & tonic popcorn existed but I do now & I’m in love. 
The Gin Bowlers were part of the entertainment for the night singing some sweet swing music & there was always a crowd at the front of the stage dancing & watching. My personal favourite was their rendition of I Wanna Be Like You from the Jungle Book. I definitely had more fun hearing at the age of 24 with a gin in each hand than listening to it as a kid!

To soak up the gin, there was a corner of street food vendors & from spying the meals that my fellow gin lovers were gorging on, it looked pretty tasty too! Unfortunately we arrived at the event straight after a meal so food was a no-go but it smelled amazing!
Overall, this event accounted for a lot of gin & a great night. The band seemed to liven up the hall & there were lots of groups of all ages enjoying the music, the gin, the food & the evening!
Gin Festival pops up all over the UK & you can keep up to date here on their events page!
Have you been to any gin festivals recently? Any gin in particular you’re loving at the moment? Let me know!
Thanks for reading!
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