Amour des Fleurs launch night – beautiful roses & a beautiful evening!

The lovely ladies at Amour des Fleurs invited us along to 29 Members Club for the relaunch of perhaps the prettiest flower arrangements I have ever seen!
Based in Glasgow’s city centre, this rapidly expanding business aims to bring a little luxury & glamour to our lives! Amour Des Fleurs specialises in roses & they use luxurious Ecuadorian roses that last over a week!
From a quick scroll of the Amour Des Fleurs facebook, it’s apparent that these arrangements are what the ladies are wanting! Each picture has various comments… or hints tagging friends, boyfriends & husbands. My friend & I agreed that getting a box of roses this gorgeous is better than a proposal! Who needs a valentine when you have beautiful understated roses?

The arrangements can be customised for any occasion with a variety of colours & textures. (Check out their facebook to have a look at the multi-coloured rainbow roses!)
To ensure every rose is in perfect condition & lasts for as long as possible, each individual rose is placed in a separate water tube. This means you can keep the cute box as a vase. Each box takes anywhere from an hour up to 4 hours to create. The attention to detail makes these arrangements super special & unique to your requirements!
Couldn’t help but take a picture of the beautiful cupcakes! I was first to try one & I’m not ashamed!

Thank you to Amour Des Fleurs for inviting me! I wish you both well for your relaunch!
You can get in touch with the lovely ladies at Amour Des Fleurs to see what they can do for you via
Facebook- Amour Des Fleurs
Phone- 07772 222999

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