Ginger & Chilli pop up restaurant review

When you think of pop up restaurants you think of fresh, experimental and flavoursome dining. Ronan, the chef behind Ginger & Chilli attempts to bring unique, modern tastes with Eastern influences to Glasgow at his monthly pop up at the Drake Bar. Set in the supper club, this small & exclusive pop up provides a different three course menu at each event. Self-taught chef Ronan is inspired by Eastern flavours & has creates new inventive dishes to excite your palette!

Now, let’s have a look at the food! To start, we were served a dish of crispy home-made paneer with foraged pickled brambles, spiced roast hazelnuts & a bramble coulis. This dish was fresh, tasty & the unusual addition of the pickled brambles made this a really interesting dish. The quintessentially British bramble complimented the South Asian paneer. This sweet & savoury starter made a great first impression.
Having never tried pork cheek before, the main course was the one that I was most excited to taste. We were presented with pork cheek vindaloo with fragrant rice, tamarind carrots & a sourdough kulcha (Pakistani flatbread). The pork cheeks had been marinated in a concoction of spices for the previous 24 hours and the flavour was intense. The meat fell apart as soon as you looked at it; pork cheek is definitely a cut I’m going to look out for from now on! The pomegranate and micro coriander garnish was a delight. Pomegranate seeds + vindaloo = an intense burst of flavour that you won’t find anywhere else. Claudia tried the vegetarian version & it was thumbs up all round!
After eating every last morsel of the main course, dessert arrived. A flourless cake? This is a concept I hadn’t heard of but was keen to try. The chocolate mousse cake was really rich & was made with 75% salted dark chocolate to give a real depth & to pacify chocolate lovers like myself! Despite the cakes rich flavour, it wasn’t heavy at all. It was accompanied by salted walnuts & chai cream. The delicate flavouring of the spiced cream & the walnuts complimented the deep chocolate flavour.

The supper club, in the upstairs area of the Drake Bar has Victorian character & the small dining room makes this pop up event an experience. The service was exceptional & the cocktails were fabulous (reasonably priced too!). Overall I would rate this pop up restaurant very highly. Ronan makes an effort to come out from the kitchen to meet the guests & to explain the intricacies of each dish. Watch this space! There will be more pop ups announced very soon!
Food: 9
Service: 9
Atmosphere: 8
Value for Money: 8
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