The Kelbourne Saint: Rotisserie chicken with all the trimmings!

The Kelbourne Saint has recently opened in the West End of Glasgow! Previously known as The Old Crosslands (the infamous pub where Begbie threw the pint glass in Trainspotting!). So as soon as I stepped in, I noticed the balcony but there was a completely different atmosphere from the rough neck bar from Trainspotting!
You look above & the whole ceiling is beautifully painted like a summer’s day. We were told that an artist took several days & the help of a cherry picker to achieve this! The decor was quite traditional with a modern relaxed feel. Kained Holdings have retained some classic characteristics of the building & have made an exceptional job of the renovation.

The Kelbourne Saint proudly boasts their own beer, Apache! You spy this as soon as you enter. They serve this on tap at the bar & it’s that good that they brine the chicken in it.

After being fixated on the glorious rotisserie, I managed to draw my attention to the menu. Not only is there a whole section dedicated to the rotisserie, there’s a deal for every day. Sunday’s deal of £20 for a whole chicken & all the trimmings with unlimited gravy had me sold. I’m imagining nursing a hangover with some tasty comfort food & a pint of Apache…

A little sneak peak into the rotisserie!!! The root veg & pork chops were slowly cooking underneath the juicy chicken & pineapple. I’ve always been told to eat my carrots but now I know I need them cooked in chicken fat & pineapple to make them as delicious as they are at The Kelbourne Saint.
Another picture of the root veg & smaller birds slowly marinating/cooking. There are a couple of vegetarian options on the menu but as a whole, this restaurant is aimed at the carnivores!

We tried a pork chop, chicken, root veg & fries. The chicken was the winner for me, the skin was perfectly crispy & the meat was tender & juicy. The Kelbourne Saint source free roaming chicken straight from the farm to ensure a specific bone density & the chicken are even fed a combination of garlic & herbs to ensure a superior flavour. 
The Kelbourne Saint offers filling, homely, Sunday roast style cuisine in a relaxed & modern setting… Certainly different from The Old Crosslands & you definitely won’t be seeing any Trainspotting types in there!
182 Queen Margaret Drive
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Call 0141 946 9456
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