The Crafty Pig: BBQ food in the Westend!

I’ve visited The Crafty Pig twice before so I was very very keen to try some of the new menu. BBQ style anything is right up my street, I cover anything & everything in BBQ sauce so I knew this would be a good un! The Crafty Pig sits on Great Western Road near Kelvinbridge subway station so it’s relatively easy to get to.
Nibbles to start, I tried the mussel popcorn & Gill went for a big soft pretzel. The Crafty Pig is a nice relaxed bar environment which allows casual dining & of course, lots of drinking! They have Apache on tap too! (Mentioned in my Kelbourne Saint review). 
The mussels were breaded & fried, not a way I had ever tried them before. The soft texture of the mussel contrasted with crunch of the breadcrumbs made these little guys a delight to eat! Bonus points for the thousand island dressing & slaw!! Not what I’d expect to eat in a BBQ joint but I thoroughly enjoyed the mussel popcorn! It was a deep fried sea side delight.
Gill went for a massive soft pretzel with beer cheese sauce to start. I think it was too big for a wee girl, she only managed about a quarter of it!
Now, let’s get down to business & discuss the pulled pork. I opted for the pulled brisket sandwich. I’m no stranger to pulled pork sandwiches, it probably ranks in my top 5 things to order for lunch. This open top sandwich consisted of sweet pulled pork, slaw, salad & Carolina vinegar sauce. The pulled pork was sweet, juicy & the strong BBQ flavours made this a damn fine pulled pork sandwich.

Gill tried the blue cheese wings. As an avid wings fan, I trusted her judgement when she said these wings were fantastic!

The mac & cheese balls were a highlight of the night. I often find when you order these in restaurants/bars that they can be pretty soggy & greasy. In the worst cases, they can even be mushy. So, I can now confirm that The Crafty Pig macaroni balls are none of these things! They were really crunchy on the outside but the mac n cheese was super creamy on the inside. 
Overall, I was very impressed with the new Crafty Pig menu… I’ll definitely be trying the ribs next time! Go to this bar/restaurant if you like filling BBQ grub & like craft beer, I’m pretty sure they’re dog friendly too (super bonus if you’re like me & don’t have a dog but love them!!)
Food: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Value for money: 8/10

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