Magicfest Christmas Gala: The weird & the wonderful!

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas & a fantastic New Year! You may have heard of Magicfest, the annual gathering of international magicians, illusionists, acrobats, mind manipulators & monsters! Well… maybe not monsters, I made that up. But it showcases the seasoned pros of magic & upcoming stars! 
My boyfriend got tickets for the events that were held in summer 2016 through his work & we were both astounded by magic, the performances & the showmanship. So when I got the chance to review the Magicfest Christmas special, I jumped at the chance! It was held in George Square Theatre in Edinburgh & featured a selection of curious characters that engaged the crowd & reeled in the applause. Now to introduce some of the acts!
Yes, that is a wee boy with a rubix cube. But he’s not just any wee boy with a rubix cube, he’s Adam Black, Scotland’s fastest rubix cube solver. At 15, Adam arrived on stage with a warm charm & captivated the audience with his exceptionally clever act. His fingers had the dexterity of tentacles, how can hands move that way so quickly!?!?! Overall, this act was super impressive & I look forward to seeing how Adam progresses in the future!

Florian Sainvet (who I’ve now discovered was a finalist on France’s Got Talent) exploded into the theatre! No, his robot suit didn’t catch fire but Florian wowed the audience with his crazy sleight of hand. I literally seen those green cards appear out of THIN AIR!!!! Florian’s performance was well oiled, meticulously planned & was enacted with a Vegas like confidence!

Our host Kevin Quantum was a quirky & a funny addition to the line up. He brought laughter, magic & really brought home the Christmas spirit throughout the event. 
Drew McAdam, also known as ‘the human lie detector’ entered the room & everyone looked down at the floor. Everyone was anxious about being called out of the audience. He paced down our row, looked along & said “I’m looking for a sensible woman” & picked the lady beside me. Never in my life have I been so glad of how far from sensible I look! Drew’s quick thinking, clever insight into human reactions & his ability to project this talent had the audience astounded, if not a little terrified!

My favourite performance of the night had to be Matthew J Dowden. I’m a sucker for a charismatic magician but Matthew ‘the Dean Martin of magic’ took us back to old Hollywood where the stars were the full package! He could sing, he made us laugh & he told us a story through his magical escapades. Matthew was a real performer & captivated the crowd with his charisma & talent.
Is it me or is it every time you go to a magic show you’re desperate to go home & start enchanting random household items? If I could learn the trick of multiplying martini bottles I think that would be me set for life! 
It would seem that there is a buzz of creativity congregating in Edinburgh for all the Magicfest events. These events have all showcased incredible talent & have made me excited for the next show! Supporting these artists is super important & the more you go to see them the better the performances will be! The tickets for the summer gala have already been released & magic schools for the little ones can be booked into here! 
Thank you so much for reading & I hope I bump into you at the Magic Gala!

*Photo credits:
Gary at Lanyard Media

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