Gin Explorer Box: A pic n mix for adults!

The crafty people behind the Gin Festival have created a monthly survival fix for gin enthusiasts! They selected four miniature gins, a handful of goodies & your very own Gin Explorer bottle opener to show that you’re part of the gang gang gang!
I loved the packaging, it reminded me of a vintage suitcase! In hindsight, I should’ve taken a picture of all the bottles neatly arranged in the box but I was excited okay, give a gal a break!! The £25 box gives you a taste of gins from across the globe with booklets to guide you on your journey. Not too shabby of a price if you ask me & I’ve got a sneaky suspicion there may be a coupla deals on the website just now!
This is a great idea, I loved the miniatures, it gives you a change to taste a variety of different gins while also learning a little about them at the same time. It gives you a little essence of the gin festivals, getting to try a variety of gins but this time it’s in the comfort of your own home! The Gin Explorers set me a little task… To come up with 5 reasons why I love gin & a new years resolution relating to gin…

Gin can be drank in a multitude of ways, in a cocktail, neat, with tonic, from a shoe… Or is that Baileys? Regardless of what you drink it from, you can create amazing flavours with gin. 5th Gin Fire is a perfect example of how to create a flavoured gin that can compliment a tonic or provide a FIRE to a cocktail! The gin is infused with berries which give it a wonderful fruity taste, definitely a gin I can see myself drinking in summer!

I don’t really know what else I can say. I bloody love gin. It has a fresh taste & the Cucumber Gin which I receives in the Gin Explorer Box portrays this perfectly. A splash of gin over ice with a garnish of cucumber (tonic optional). This is a classic gin with the flavouring of a classic garnish.

It’s only been recently that I’ve realised the scale of gin on a global level. I had always assumed that gin was quintessentially British but upon recent ventures to gin festivals, I’ve discovered gins from across the world! The Dutch Black Tomato Gin was the one I had been most keen to try. I was having heart palpitations trying to think of how I could spread this bottle into the million cocktail ideas I was having. This rich gin isn’t for all but I definitely think I’ll be buying a big bottle of this devil to try to concoct the bloody mary recipe in the pack!

I am astounded by the scale of tonics & mixers for gin. Move over Schweppes, tonic waters are exploding with loads of different flavours, tones & each can alter the gin or cocktail you use it in. Subtle flavours in the gin can be enhanced or washed out. Macario Tonica water is delicate with a herby taste that is synonymous with gin. I particularly enjoyed this with the Jensen’s Old Tom Gin & Cucumber Gin. Also, I was super impressed with the Teetotal G&T, perfect for a hangover or perhaps an extra strong tasting gin?

I can’t believe how close gin is to it’s cousin vodka. Maybe it has been the over indulgence in Glens as a teenager or triple vodkas in The Cathouse that have pushed me away from vodka… But the vodka shape hole has been replaced with gin. How do juniper berries & botanicals make it taste so much better!? The botanicals are what gives gin its unique taste & what makes each gin an adventure to try. Jensen’s Old Tom Gin had strong notes of juniper, liquorice & even tasted slightly floral. It amazes me at the different combinations each distiller comes up with to create unique & wild flavours!
My New Year’s gin resolution has to be… Learn more about the gin I’m drinking! Each tiny little bottle you get with the Gin Explorer box tells a massive story. From where it originated, the botanicals used & even to quirks of the distillery. Gin is a massively growing industry & subscription boxes such as this are making it easier for gin enthusiasts to keep keep afloat & join the gin train so to speak!
Thank you very much Gin Explorer for sending me the box to review, I look forward to making magic & turning some of these miniatures into full sized bottles!
Thanks for reading!

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