The Arconic hairbrush: Finally I can style dry my own hair!

It’s not every day you get invited to an event that you can
leave with a bag of goodies, a bouncy blow dry & prosecco! Well, this all happened at the launch night of John Gillespie’s new
Arconic hair brush.
John describes his Arconic curved brush as ‘a bit better’
than a paddle brush. A paddle brush is great when you want to style long
straight hair & a round brush is great when someone else is doing your
hair! It’s an impressive fete as the brush was designed, made & manufactured
in Scotland. Well, it even sparkles in the light because of the fibreglass
element. This heats the brush allowing it to bend the hair (excellent for
adding volume!).
One of the lovely stylists from John’s salon used the brush
for a quick style dry with some Oribe products (they smelled amazing!!!).
Because of the brushes shape you can make the sections a lot thicker than you
can with other brushes, the curve acts as a grip & oh my god does it save
you time!? The answer yes, yes it does! For someone who can’t go to a stylist
for a blow dry, I feel that this brush creates a lot of movement & most
importantly VOLUME!  If you don’t have an
hour to be sitting with your rollers in, this is an easy alternative.
The stylists were using some of the Oribe hair products, we
had a little surprise from Oribe in our goodie bag too! The shampoo &
conditioner was a treat to use, my hair felt silky smooth & light. I often
find nourishing conditioners quite heavy in my thick hair but this made my hair
feel smooth & fresh. The scent on these products is actually amazing; I was
having flashbacks to the event & the smell of the texture spray!

We were also lucky to get a sneaky look at some of the Oribe
beauty products. The nail colours were rich & luxurious, the lipstick was a
deep red reminiscent of the Hollywood glamour era & oh my god… The skin
care products, I used a small amount of the moisturiser on my arm & the
smooth cream melted on my skin. Oribe also boast the label of 100% cruelty free
which I feel is super important when you’re buying from a luxury brand. I even found out that Versace designed the packaging for these products, no wonder they look so glamorous! All the
products smell divine & are a treat to use… Definitely going to be hinting
for the moisturiser & maybe a lipstick for my birthday!
The curved Arconic brush makes style drying at home so much
easier, I’ve even attempted it!  First of
all, I partially dried my hair, then applied some product & started drying thick sections with the
brush & turning it under. It’s a little hard to explain but I will
hopefully have a little video up soon once I’ve practised a little more to show
you all the technique that I’ve found works for me!
The Arconic brush is being sold all over the world &
John has been taking his unique take of the paddle brush to different countries to showcase
his invention. John created his prototype in his garage by melting a paddle
brush (I don’t know if this was safe & I definitely don’t recommend
recreating your own!) & now it’s transformed into a sleek, stylish, light
brush that could be on the way to becoming the new paddle brush!
You can buy the Arconic hair brush HERE
& a whole lot of Oribe products HERE
Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!
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