Exploring Pan Asian street food with Bar Soba’s new menu!

Bar Soba is infamous for its cocktails & its role in Glasgow nightlife. But with the help of chef Nik Biok they have seriously upped their food game! The new menu which was released today focuses on South East Asian food with a distinct Bar Soba twist. I was invited to sample some of the menu last week, so lets have a peek at what they have to offer!
First of all we started with an apple & ginger mojito, these badboys are only £3.50 during the week so a perfect excuse for mid-week drinking! Not bad for the merchant city either.
We tried various small Pan Asian dishes to get a good feel of the food Bar Soba is serving… & to fill our bellies!
The Sichuan beef cheeseburger spring rolls were an insane idea but somehow they work really well. The spiced beef & tangy dipping sauces make this dish taste like everything you want a Big Mac to be without the calories & with serious flavour.
One of my favourite dishes of the nice was the chicken satay skewers. Nik has travelled around the world & has cooked in many places, this is an authentic Bali recipe & the flavours & textures make this dish stand out from the rest. The crunchy peanuts & crispy breaded chicken are darn tasty if you ask me!
Bao buns are something you see popping up everywhere! These steamed delights are super tasty & the veggie option with the spiced mushrooms are satisfying & light. Not the best bao burgers I’ve ever had but they were certainly tasty.
Now to the main courses!
We tried the chicken katsu curry, it tasted so fresh in comparison to the usual powdered mix you seem to get in certain chain restaurants that will remain unamed! The authentic flavours of Asia really punch through in this dish.
My very very very favourite dish of the night was the king prawn curry. I’m usually against your typical ‘curry’ sauce, it’s usually thick & bland with no real direction of flavour. However, this curry dish was spectacular, the prawns were thick & juicy (the way prawns are meant to be). The curry sauce had an intricate flavour with a strong kick of lime & a spice that wasn’t too overpowering. This is a dish I look forward to ordering again, definitely a winner of a dish.
Overall, I was very impressed with the food. A good combination of flavours & the benefit of local knowledge & the experience of chef Nik Biok has really benefitted the Bar Soba pan Asian street food. The flavours were intense, the food was fresh & a large proportion of the ingredients are sourced locally. Whether it’s from the specially selected cuts of meat like the bivet steak & the pork neck or the intricate spice & flavour combinations, Bar Soba has made authentic South East Asian food more accessible with a distinct flavour stamp.
Okay, it’s well known that I am a complete sucker for a good interior, I had never been in the Merchant City unit, just the one in Mitchell Lane. The Mitchell Lane unit is laid back & cosy with the low ceilings & semi industrial theme it has going on. The Merchant City unit is owning the high ceilings & making use of every feature it can. The spray painted artwork of the geishas & the stripped back decor make Bar Soba a pretty cool place to hang out. It definitely gets a thumbs up from me for atmosphere & for music. Eating good food to funk music is the way forward!
Food: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Value for Money: 8/10

Address: 1HA, 79 Albion St, Glasgow G1

Phone: 0141 237 1551
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