Brunching at Badger & Co!

You might have read my previous review of Badger & Co, I was rather impressed so I was very intrigued to try out what they had to offer for brunch! First of all, I’m not usually a brunch kind of gal. I’m more into having snacks during the day & building up to a big lunch/dinner. But brunch is the done thing y’know so I thought I would take this opportunity to acquaint myself with the ways of people who eat before 2pm at the weekends!

The atmosphere in Badger & Co was completely different to anytime that I’ve visited, there was a handful of people ordering breakfast then a couple of people at the bar. This made me think of one thing, wow, this could be a nice place to nurse away a hangover. As always, I was impressed with the fairytale Wind & the Willows decor. I’m a complete sucker for a pretty looking restaurant!
For the drinks, I ordered a glass of freshly squeezed OJ & a pot of blueberry tea. Jordan ordered a cappuccino. If you’ve ever visited my flat, then you’ll know that I have an abundance of tea pots but never use them… This has kinda made me want to start using teapots at breakfast! It dresses a table damn well.
For our breakfast/brunch, Jordan ordered ‘The Full Set’ (minus beans!) this plate consisted of grilled borders bacon, pork sausage, roast vine tomato, portobello mushroom, black pudding, tattie scone & a fried egg. You could taste the quality of the sausages, bacon & other components but unfortunately without the beans they suffered some dryness. Despite this, Jordan polished off the plate rather happily.

I opted for the Smashed Avocados on Toast (with additional bacon of course!). You could taste the flavours of the citrus and the chives through the avocado. The thick wedge of toast beaneath the creamy avocado & perfectly runny poached egg was delicious! Oh, the additional bacon is a must have with this dish!

I don’t know if I’ve been swayed to ways of brunching or perhaps after my next night out I’ll think of smashed avocados rather than a greasy Dominos? I know for certain that a semi-healthy brunch is the way to go!
Top tip: Pyjama style shirts are comfy as heck & create the illusion of having breakfast in bed!
Food: 6
Service: 8
Atmosphere: 7
Value for Money: 5
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