Snakes, card tricks… Oh & lots of magic! Magicfest returns!

(Photo: Ludovic Farine)
You might be wondering why does this food blogger keep writing about magic? Well it’s heckin awesome that’s why! The weird & wonderful Magic Festival has come back to Edinburgh this year & it was better than ever! The show was put on at Summerhall again & we previewed 20 minute snippets of each performance! It’s I was lucky enough to be invited again to Magicfest & here’s how I got on!
We arrived at Summerhall desperate to see some magic & we got to see some close up magic with Billy Reid. After arriving Jordan was a few beers down & Billy showed us some crazy card tricks & even shut up a heckler with his astounding sleight of hand!

In the courtyard we bumped into Edinburgh’s own Steve Irwin of Brilliant Beasts! Snakes, millipedes, tarantulas, you name it!  We got talking to the owner & met some of the cute critters. Petal the tarantula was my favourite!
The first act we visited was Noel Qualter & his tech tricks. Think of a sarcastic Chris Evans with an insulting computer! This crazy hi-tech magic show was hilarious & we were both assistants at one point!
Morgan & West made an appearance with their parlour tricks. The theatrics & merriment started before the show with the double act’s witty to & fro chattering. This is an act I am definitely keen to see when they perform at the fringe. Think of old style magic with two dapper & comically brilliant gentlemen.
(Photo: Bibby Magic)
The next show we witnessed was the Wheel of Magic from Elliot Bibby. This wheel of misfortune dictated the content of the show. Jordan was picked to help out with one of the tricks & got made a mockery of! (Bonus for me!)
We then moved on to Twenty Minutes of Weird with Luke Eaton. Without knowing what this weird would entail we were treated to a crazy, gruesome but devilishly funny performance. Luke was delightful in a weird way & it’s a performance we’re both keen to see again!
(Photo: Alan Hudson)
To finish the night we witnessed Magic & Funny Bits from Alan Hudson. Add some magic, a bit of audience participation & a whole lot of dry humour then you get Alan Hudson. His show was a great end to the night & we were laughing for ages.
(Photo: Ludovic Farine)

It’s hard to explain how insane these tricks are & it’s difficult to give an insight to the shows without giving away crucial parts of the acts but I hope this convinces you to support performing arts local & worldwide! Magicfest aims to promote performing magicians across the board & they need us to come see them! I mean, who doesn’t want to see a bit magic every now & again?
Ludovic Farine (photographer):
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Alan Hudson:
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