Brewery fresh Staropramen arrives at Pizza Punks!

Pizza Punks are welcoming Glasgow’s first Staropramen Brewery fresh tank beer & to celebrate, Pizza Punks have come up with a Czech inspired pizza to compliment the beer. Oh & until Tuesday the 25th of July they’re selling pints at the Czech price of 70p if ordered with the pizza!
Brewery fresh Staropramen is unpasteurised & continues to mature from the tank until it hits the glass! This allows optimum freshness, just as the master brewers intended! Staropramen is high quality Czech beer with Czech ingredients. The fresh brew is really smooth & well rounded. A perfect partner for pizza!
Pizza Punks invited me to join a pizza making class while getting to try some of the delicious fresh beer. This was led by Pizza Punks very own manager & head chef alongside Staropramens very own beer sommelier. No pressure being beside the professionals eh?
Thankfully the boring prep & the 48 hours of proving the sourdough had been done before our arrival!

The Pizza Punks head chef showing us how to slap & spin the perfect pizza base. Unfortunately, my skills did not compare at all!

However, I was really proud of myself that the base didn’t split!

We had a wild selection of toppings to choose from. Irn bru pulled pork was an unusual but very popular choice, it was incredibly sweet, succulent… & Scottish! We also had the Czech selection of smoked cheese & sausages with some tasty veggies too!

A bit of chilli flake bae action here.

Pizza Punks also offer some seriously tasty sides! The maple glazed bacon was dreamy.
Ta-dahhh, the final result! I should have probably opted for a less busy/more photogenic combination of toppings but I embraced the Pizza Punks way & went hard with the toppings, making unusual flavour combos!

But again, please take your butts down to Pizza Punks for this special promotion. It tastes damn good!
Pizza Punks:
Thanks for reading!

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