Say hello to Gin Bothy!

The industry has been on a rapid incline in recent history & with 70% of all gin consumed being produced in Scotland it does make you feel kind of proud! One of these producers nestled away in the Angus Glen is Gin Bothy. Scottish gin & jam produced in a historic Scottish bothy, I don’t think you can get more Scottish! I was invited to try out some of the gins at the launch of the new miniatures gift set (perfect for those wishing to have a taste of everything!).

So, what is Gin Bothy all about? A bothy is a historic stone shelter often used in agriculture; you can find these in remote locations throughout Scotland. Within this bothy Kim produces some damn fine bottles of gin! Kim, the founder of Gin Bothy prides herself on producing simple, great quality gin using local produce in very small batches.

The ingredients are local & seasonal with the berries picked from surrounding fields & the rhubarb is grown in the bothy’s garden. This award winning artisanal gin uses fruit that has been soaked in the gin for 3 months & is hand turned daily to give an incredible depth of flavour. This is evident from the Strawberry Gin, it actually tasted like jam! So, in my opinion it’s a perfect addition for a picnic or as an after dinner treat! Oh & the fruit is filtered off to use in the jams so there’s no waste! Kim also offers a discount if you bring in your empty Gin Bothy bottles. Hooray for small ethical traders!

As it is coming up to Christmas time I feel that it’s necessary to mention Gunshot/Mulled Gin! This spicy number tasted great with ginger ale (almost like gingerbread!). I would say that I look forward to drinking this cosied up by the fire but I don’t have a fireplace so I think it would be suitable for some festive day drinking! At first I assumed the Gunshot Gin was a navy strength heavy gin but I was pleasantly surprised to taste the subtle spices of the botanicals & I do believe this may be my favourite of the ones I tried!

There is a wide range of flavours of gin offered from the original to fruity liqueur type gins, even to an amaretto flavoured gin! These are all available on the website! Gin Bothy are now selling these handy sized miniatures in a simply packaged gift box for £25… So if anyone would like to get me a Christmas present, I would like to very subtly suggest that you consider these!

I would like to say a massive thank you to Kim for sharing the Gin Bothy story & for Elaine & Jennie for holding such a great event!

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